Wednesday, February 14, 2007

First Post - Introduction, Purpose

It will be some time before anyone reads this post. But I wanted to introduce myself to the blogosphere. Okay, maybe I'm not ready to tell people my name and my location, but I'll tell you my A/L.

I'm 22 year-old male, and come March 2007, I will graduate with a MBA in Finance from a top 30 business school. I graduated with a BA in Computer Science and Economics in 2005.

I have been through the torture of job search, and I will begin my first (real) job in April 2007, working for a major bank, as a portfolio analyst.

As I get closer and closer to graduation, I realized that I'm suddenly without purpose. My whole life I have been told, nudged, prodded, goaded, and thrown at one goal: graduate from college with as useful degree.

And now, I am done.

What new goal should I set for myself? I thought about for a long time, and after reading some other personal finance blogs, I realized A) I needed a lofty monetary goal and B) I needed to blog about it so that other people who are just starting their careers have something to relate to.

Lofty Monetary Goal
Hit $1 million in liquid assets by age 30.

Blog Purpose
To share my progress, along with my own insights and experiences about finance and the corporate world.

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Kirsten said...

I'm surprised your MBA didn't require any work experience...