Monday, February 11, 2008

Camera Megapixels - Finally a good use for them

After this past Christmas' huge focus on consumer electronics, especially things like digital cameras, I had to wonder, do all those megapixels that come with the cameras really great for anything? After all, what photos have you been taking that required such serious megapixel detail?

I finally came upon one good use this weekend. This all started when my little brother, who is in high school, lost his wallet for the second time. Then, I was just worried that he hadn't lost too much cash. After all, what do you really have in your wallet in high school?

But this made me think of my own wallet. It would be far different for me. Cash is the least of my worries, primarily because I usually carry so little of it. However, all the credit, memberships, and insurance cards would be incredibly difficult to replace. I'm not even sure I could list everything in my wallet without looking first.

The problem of course is that I'm lazy. So I decided, hey, I'll take out all the stuff (and crap) in my wallet, line them up, and take a photograph. With the high amount of megapixels my camera has, I can go back and zoom in on each card and grab the numbers off of it if I had to. At the same time, I don't have to spend the time to meticulously catalog each card.

Maybe I didn't save that much time, but still, a great use for your high megapixel camera, and it'll help you in case you lose your wallet.

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