Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Starting Networth

Student Loans
How we dread paying for that! Well, that's the price I pay for the two sheepskins that will be hanging up in my office cubicle.

I currently owe $35,218.78 at an average APR of 5.83%. To pay it off in 10 years, I have to pay $432.17 monthly. There's one big hit to getting to my goal.

Credit Cards
Ever since I got into MBA school, credit card companies have bombarded me with offers. I've taken up some of them, because frankly, getting free money for 12 months is always a good deal, if you know you can pay them back in 12 months.

I currently on average owe about $1700 to them, with about $1100 not accruing interest.

My bank account these days look a lot better than they used to, thanks in part to a nice summer internship where I worked a lot, and spent very little of the pay checks. That number comes to: $3,011.02.

As a finance guy, the one thing I always have to believe in the stock market as a good way to invest my money. Currently, my account has $4,778.79.

Add it all up, and I'm at -$29,128.97 or -2.91% of the way there.

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