Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Go Go Fed

The Fed announced a 25bps rate cut today, which is great news, and the market was definitely looking for it. But, interestingly, the market in the 5 minutes after the Fed's announcement tanked. Why?

Hidden in its announcement was the indication that the Fed would most likely not cut rates in the near future, citing concerns with inflation (look at the high price of gas) and the overall stability of the economy.

So what are the plays for the rest of the week? Well, if you got a nice bump today, my suggestion is to sell 50% of your winning positions to lock in your profits, and then maybe wait until Friday to completely unwind. The market tends to take profits after these bumps, and you should do the same.

However, there is one stock I was buying today, CVS. They are announcing earnings tomorrow, and I would have posted this pick earlier, but I had completely forgotten about their earnings release date. But with the consumer goods report today being so good, its a great indication that CVS's earnings will also be amazing.

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