Thursday, January 31, 2008

Networth Update

First month of the new year, and like the market, my networth has been tanking all month. Without doubt poker losses in Vegas hurt. On top of that, I had to pay for a ridiculous car towing charge. The only positive aspect of this month was that my company's 401(k) match went through.

So here we go:

Without question, the past two months have been the worst for my networth. Every possible asset is down and few of my liabilities have decreased.

Compared to last month, my networth is down 0.13%, or $1,252.50.

However, the good news is that I'm about 90% down with my taxes (thanks to some helpful tax software), and I'm expecting about $1,600 in tax refunds.

Overall, this brings my networth to -$10,900.18 or -1.09% to my goal.

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Anonymous said...

Question about your roth IRA:

What companies have you been buying?

-from November to December the account posted a -73% return:(lost $3,804)

-from December to January the account posted a additional -50% return losing over $700

If you would have just purchased a total market index you would have only lost around 8 or 9% of your original $5,211 during the market declines of the last few months. I realize you are ok with mega risk and thats fine and dandy but do you realize the returns you will need to make from here to make your losses back?