Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Stock Market

Today's stable inflationary figures coupled with Congress' suspension on buying oil for the Strategic Oil Reserve caused a large bump in the stock market. During this time, I sold off half of my Dow call options, making about $300. Unfortunately, I'm still in the hole for other options that I have bought.

During the afternoon, the market began to dip, as finicky traders began to take advantage of the large uptick to make some quick profits. By day's end, the upward movement had been halved. Believing that this downward pressure was purely speculatively based, I bought in near the end of the day on both the Dow and Nasdaq ETFs, hoping for another quick pop tomorrow.

[Update] Attached is my current spreadsheet. For trades where I have yet to sell, I have added the current market value of the options in orange with an estimated trading cost. As you can tell, one trade in particular has had a huge negative effect on my overall profit:

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