Sunday, August 23, 2009

Need to post more frequently

All the recent activity with people reading and commenting on my prior post about the fraud perpetuated by the Google Money Machine people has guilted me back to blogging. I took a break for a while because work was burning me out, and frankly, I was running out of material.

Now that I have my house, there will always be a source of material to write about.

Interestingly, today I finally discovered a use for getting the print editions of newspapers. Normally, I don't even want the print edition of the Wall Street Journal (and I send that to my parents' house), but since I just moved in, every person and their mother is trying to sell my subscriptions of one thing or another.

Today's local paper had the coupon insert inside it. I figured, hey, I'll save some money and I'll flip through it. Turns out, Reese's is doing a 55 cents off promotion off any of their candy. When I went to Target to look for some, Target had a sale going for an 8-pack of peanut butter cups for a $1. BAM! $0.45 for candy.

Great deal. Now, if only I found a way to save over $200K and pay off this mortgage....

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