Sunday, November 11, 2007

Super Busy + Market Fears = Losing Money

The past week, I just could not find time to blog, nor really stay abreast of the market, other than watching my portfolio drop in value.

I hope to remedy both of these situations this week.

Last week, the markets crashed on continued subprime mortgage fears from the major banking institutions (how much more loss are they hiding?) on top of rising oil prices (nearing $100/barrel), and the related issue of the falling dollar.

I would love to say that I believe we've reached the bottom, and certainly my options would love it if the market was ready to go up, but there is a good chance that early this week, we'll still see market jitters, with the market smoothing out, and maybe rocketing higher by the end of the week.

One important piece of economic news will be released this week that will have a major impact on the market: retail sales figures due on the 14th.

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