Saturday, December 29, 2007

Goodbye until the New Year!

Folks, its been an interesting year.

I have enjoyed blogging so far and will continue this blog next year.

As I ponder the next few days, I realize I should take time off to focus on family and celebrating the New Year, and leave the world of personal finance behind... for a little while.

Come the first week of January, expect my December '07 networth status, and a complete analysis of my spending pattern for '07. I will also be looking at my spending and searching for ways to save more.

I have yet to arrive upon a new year's resolution, but suffice to say, I started really doing resolutions two years ago, and I have stuck to both of them: (1) track all expenses, and (2) get a job. On the top of my list of course are the usuals: win the lottery, learn to dance, and get healthier. There are also realistic ones, like pass a CFA test and get a promotion. Again, I don't really know, so be ready for that in the new year.

Otherwise, New Year's Eve should be interesting. I've shelled out $200 to try an all-inclusive nightclub outing in NYC. If I can avoid the Irish flu, I'll be back to work Jan 2.

Hope you all have a safe and happy time partying.

PS - Don't spend TOO much!
PSS - And that's the last personal finance advice I'll give this year.

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