Saturday, December 1, 2007

Networth Update

I am so incredibly excited about my networth this month, that I have chosen to stay awake after a night at the casino in order to update it!

This month saw my security deposit returned to me, and the opening of a Roth IRA savings account. Also, increased poker activity helped to offset some living expenses.

Compared to last month's networth update, I have seen a 0.28% increase in my networth, or an increase of $2,821.96.

I am incredibly happy with this growth, as if this trend continues, I will be in the positive networth range by the end of January. Then come tax season, I expect huge tax refunds because of my over-taxed sign-on bonuses, and also because I have been taxed as someone working for the whole year, rather than the 75% of the year that I have actually worked.

This brings my networth to -$5,007.60, or -0.50% toward my million dollar goal.

Since there have been enough months, I am also including a bonus chart of my networth progress since I started blogging in March '07.

This graph also shows my monthly trend, which is to increase my networth by about $2,400 a month on average.

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