Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Investment Progress and Outlook

Despite my own cautions yesterday, the Nasdaq continued to transpire against the Dow and S&P, which prompted me to make a quick profitable trade.

As expected however, the Dow and S&P showed that most investors were awaiting word from the Fed. If there is news that a Fed cuts are stopping, then the market will react quickly and optimistically. However, if the news is that the Fed does not see any end to cuts, then the market will drop quickly. More likely though, the Fed will have a 25 bps cut with not much mention of the continuation of cuts.

I did also make one speculative move. I continue to hold my financial ETF, and I bought 5 Dow Jones Industrial average ETF contracts, in the hopes of positive news from the Fed.

The following is a new tracking sheet for my investments, which will better show my trades. I have also included other brokerage fees and added the prospect of taxes.

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