Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Networth Update - 6 month restatement

Wow, thanks to the watchful eye of a reader, I feel like one of the major banks, and I now have to restate my networth. Apparentally, I had been neglecting to count card #6 in my liability figures. Instead of calculating out exactly the amount for the past 5 months, I have gone back and subtracted $5,500 from each month's networth statements. For this month, I have now corrected to the correct networth. You can see these changes on my linear estimating chart on the bottom of this post.

Month over month, I am still doing the same relative amount of growth in my assets, but of course, I am actually further from my goal than I thought.

My current netorth is -$11,875.79 or -1.19% from my goal.

So rather than being 3 months away from positive networth, I am actually about 12 months away.

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