Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Starting new rotation

Monday marked the first day of my new rotation. My last rotation was in Financial and Planning Analysis. This one is Reinsurance Security. This should be a totally new experience for me, and a far cry for the other FP&A roles I have tried.

Reinsurance Security is essentially counter-party risk analysis, analyzing the credit worthiness of various companies we do reinsurance business with. Today, I am already working on analyzing a small company that we will be providing approval/disapproval notices on.

As I get in this, I find it so interesting that government allows some of these corporations to exist. So many of these companies are pure shell companies, pretending to hold on to liabilities of another company, but being wholly owned by them.

Much of this is reminiscent of the sub-prime mess, and in a very real sense, many of the mortgage reinsurers went down for precisely this reason.

As with many things in my life, things seem to always fall on my plate when they are really hot. And this field right now is on fire, with the demand for good credit analysis at ridiculous levels.

This will certainly propel my career along, and at the same time, there's some trepidation that I may not learn all I can in this one-year rotation.

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Anonymous said...

If you like this field (and not just because it's hot but because you really like it) then take more than a year and really learn it.

Or go back after the year is over.