Thursday, August 14, 2008

In the Airport

Sitting here in the airport, waiting for my United flight, I have to admit I'm a bit anxious. Their pilot's union is in a very public battle to oust their CEO Glenn Tilton. In the meantime, United has instituted a multitude of nickle and dime efforts, starting with what is now an almost industry standard: charging for checked bags.

At the checkout counter, I encountered another money-generating scheme, paying for seats in the forward cabin that have a bit more foot room but still in the economy class. As more and more of these measures become instituted, I have to wander just how far will they go?

With justifications such as high fuel costs as a reason to charge for each checked bag, I'd expect people to be subject to the same rules. Thinner people will receive discounts while the bulkier will be levied surcharges. Maybe window shades will become metered, 25 cents per 5 minutes?

Airline travel isn't what it used to be. And I think it can really only get worse.


Jackie said...

You're right, airline travel used to only be for the wealthy who could afford the luxury. There's always the chinatown to chinatown bus...I don't know about check bags, but I think you still get a free egg roll.

I take it you're trying to slim down as a future cost savings effort?

Finance Guy said...

hedging my bets. shooting for 50 pounds. Maybe I'll get a discount.