Thursday, August 14, 2008

Networth Update

Well, July's networth update was a bit late, but only because I haven't had time until now to put it up.

The results are reminiscent of my 4th grade report cards: not good, but improving.

My networth is -$10,303.66 or a rise of $306.59 month over month. While brewing my own coffee has cut down quite a bit on my food expenses, my continued eating out and altogether enjoyment of the summer months is taking a toll.

In addition, the market has not been helping out much, with my investment accounts, 401(k) and restricted stock units either taking hits or stagnating.

Overall, I am still -1.03% away from my goal.


Anonymous said...

How's the options trading coming? Is that factored in to your spreadsheet?

Anonymous said...

It must not be going well if you ignore the comment.

That's ok, I'd be embarrassed too.

Good Luck!