Sunday, June 8, 2008

Get ready for Monday madness!

Okay, so not football season quite yet, but with Friday's gigantic across-the-board stock index drops and oil price's rocket upwards, I can only imagine that tomorrow is going to be another wild and rocky day.

There's really two ways I see Monday shaking out:

1) Investors are still jittery and continue to sell off
2) Investors realize we are at a bottom and a huge rise will occur

In my opinion, with the amount of positive economic news out there and with many major blue-chips trading at lower than normal P/E ratios, it will more likely be #2.

Consider for a moment the causes of Friday:

1) A record one-day rise for Dow the previous day (taking quick profits)
2) Oil's sharp rise (there's only so much higher it can go before speculators pull out, magic number? $150)
3) Unexpectedly more negative unemployment numbers (seasonal adjustments are not being properly factored in, and even if they are, the numbers still reflect no new news about the economy)

All three reasons that pushed me over the edge on Friday to buy at the end of the day.

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