Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Summer Time

I always find it much harder to stay on top of my expenses in the summer time. There is just too many possible fun events that one can attend. Additionally, there are now actual things to do, versus winter time when I'm just bored and wished there were things to do.

I haven't quite figured out how to manage myself appropriately during summer months. However, as with all my personal finance guys, I feel that if I blog about the issue, it will force me to be more accountable.


L@SpillingBuckets said...

I find there are a lot more cheap things to do in the summer - outdoor festivals, parks, etc. In the winter I spend more because everything needs to be inside. But I totally know what you mean with the urge to do stuff after winter...

Are there fun free things you can do where you are? In Rochester in the summer there are a TON - it makes up for the long winters, lol

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Planning ahead on time, designing a summer budget and sticking to it are basic rules to save on vacation time.