Friday, March 23, 2007


Yep, went clothing shopping today. Now normally, I wouldn't be this excited about new clothes (being male and very stereotypical). However, I managed to get some interesting personal finance thoughts done and saved a ton of money shopping, and that was exciting to me!

So there I was looking at a suits for a few hundred, and I found a few I really liked. So when I went to check out, the lady at the counter offered me one of those department store credit cards, with the get 10% off purchases today deal. Turns out, the suits I had chosen were on sale for an additional 50%, add on to that a coupon given to me by my mom for 10% off, and I was sitting with quite a good deal.

Working that out, about $800 worth of clothing, ended up being about $330. What a great day! :-)

One caveat, the best way to take advantage of these deals is wait for the bill to show up, cancel the card, cut it up, and the next time you need to make a big purchase, sign-up again.

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