Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Reply to Anonymous

In my previous post, Anonymous posted a legitimate critique of my spending habits. Specifically, Anonymous suggested my lack of job experience, place to live, and/or negative networth should be preventing me from making any large purchases, and that these three are torpedoes to my "credibility".

On the contrary, these are very typical situations for any 20-something, and rather than being the usual personal finance prude, I blog about how to deal with these situations, rather than avoiding them.

First off, the three items listed are really non-starters. Although I have never blogged about this, I want to tell the blogosphere that I have a very detailed Excel sheet listing my expenses that have suggested that I can make the purchase for the car, buy a condo, and live comfortably.

In terms of job experience, although I have none, I will be starting with a mid-level job, that comes with two separate bonus pools.. With this salary (and potential bonus) figure in mind, all of my financial choices (including the car) have been based off this future income (and I'm not figuring in any bonus when I make my Excel sheets).

I am not making random purchases. If you'll notice, I have been planning for this car purchase for 1 month, and I know how it will hit my income.

In terms of housing, I will be living with my parents for about 1-2 months while I search for a condo. This is less for financial considerations, and more for the convenience, as I am not close enough to look for one now.

I have never suggested anyone should live outside of their means, nor will I ever. However, on my blog, I blog about my financial choices, so that others can try out my suggestions in theirs.

Certainly, if your salary or financial conditions suggest you are not able to afford anything (even with loans), then you shouldn't try for it.

Alternatively, believing you should live without debt (especially when you're young) is also something you shouldn't try.


Anonymous said...

I just stumbled across your blog but you make it hard to believe you took any MBA courses. A 22 yr MBA should be an ABOVE average MBA student to get there so fast. You present yourself as unknowledgable.

Finance Guy said...

Again, I'm not understanding what your issues are? While your ad hominem attack is poignant, I would like you to explain your issue more.