Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Life Updates

Its getting ever closer to April 2 (19 days!), that day of all dreadful days when I turn my soul in for a biweekly paycheck.

This week, I'm finishing off finals, and by next week, I'll be adding debt.

If you recall (Car Post), I am still looking to buy a 350Z. I am still in negotiations with two dealers, where oddly enough, both contacts there have been fired recently for incompetence. The car will set me back probably $37K.

Following that, I have to start buy nice suits, shirts, and other business gear. That's probably another $3K down the drain.

By far the only person rubbing their hands in glee right now are my credit card companies, or if you happen to own any of the stores I'll be shopping at soon.

I always thought it'll be a good feeling to graduate and go to a new job. I just never thought I'd be paying so much out before I even get my first job.

Oh, and did I mention I'll need a place to live soon? *shudder*


Wanda said...

That is one gorgeous car. But the price tag, ouch is right. ;) But I'm assuming that you'll be going into finance in NYC, with an MBA? So you'll be making a fairly good salary off the bat.

What color will you get the car? I've always wanted a silvery grey one.

Finance Guy said...

San Marino Blue.

Check out the original post for a picture.

Anonymous said...

Negative net worth
No place to live
No employment history or experience

Great idea! Buy that $37,000 car! You deserve it!

Sorry, but you lose all credibility as a personal finance blogger when you make decisions like this.

Finance Guy said...

Hi Anonymous,

You have a legitimate criticism of my financial plan.

While you are some what right about the three items, I tend to not blog 100% about my goals.

But since you bring this up, it does help me think of a new blog post.

Read it!

And next time, please step up and provide your identity so that I can address your concerns.