Monday, March 5, 2007

Networth Update

After a bad week of market performance, and changes in cash on hand from a great poker night, here is my networth: -$29,509.52 or a change of $380.55.

This makes me -2.95% of the way to my goal.

An interesting thing I calculated is my leverage ratio (debt over assets proportion). Including student loan debt, I am levered 468%, which is relatively low compared to most people coming out of college.

Also, I calculated my credit card credit usage. This number is determined by finding the weighted average percentage of debt on credit cards divided by that credit card's limit. (ie. You carry $1,000 in debt on a $3,000 credit limit card, your usage is 33%). My current usage is a low 11.68%.

This is good news, since one aspect of your credit score is this credit usage number, and the less it is (without being zero), the better your score.

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