Saturday, May 12, 2007

Mother's Day

I heard an interesting theory about Mother's Day / Valentine's Day gift-giving recently. In a discussion about the proper amount to consider minimum / maximum for these gifts, my co-worker informed me that the significant female influences of his life are well aware that no flowers/chocolates/gifts will be given on these days.

His reasoning? Does buying such items at 2-4 times their normal price really show any kind of affection? Instead, he believes in buying a small card or token item, and then giving them a similar gift one or two days after.

How does he present the item days after? He sells it as a special day for that person because no other person is being showered with gifts that day.

That really got me thinking.

One: I could follow his idea and it could be met with mixed results.

Two: I could use the basic principles that are suggested, which is the time-shifting of gift buying. If you can just remember to get the gifts a few days/weeks prior to the big day, you can really save yourself a bundle while showing the same thoughtfulness.


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