Monday, May 28, 2007

Roth IRA 2

Thank you all for your comments about which brokerage to go with for my Roth IRA. I have to agree that I don't like the monthly debit nor the fee structure that Sharebuilder has. Instead, I think I'm going to just save up $4,000 and open an account at Interactive Brokers. I've always wanted to use them because they have such low ($0.005 / share) transactions costs and I've really liked their web interface.

PS - Hope all of your had a great memorial day weekend. Tomorrow, I'm going to talk about the economics of purchasing a grill, if you haven't gotten one already.

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Richard said...

I didn't think of mentioning Zecco, and I should have. $30/year, $2,500 account min to open (there's no maintenance balance though, AFAIK). 40 free trades/month. I have a Roth IRA over there as well. Aside from the PAINFUL appliaction process (well documented in various PF blogs), free trades is always a good thing!