Thursday, May 31, 2007

Networth Update

Another strong month, where, while I haven't reported it to the world, I have been sticking to a strict budget and I have found a workable budget where I save money and I can still have plenty of fun. I was able to find the funds to lower my liabilities while keeping my assets relatively stable compared to last month's update.

I had a positive 0.23% improvement in my goal toward $1 million.

My networth is now -$20,418.21 or a difference of $2,308.82. This makes me -2.04% on the way to my goal. I had a positive improvement due to a steady salary, but very little investment.

My investment front has been very annoying, with a tough time finding an appropriate Roth IRA broker. I will continue searching, but for now, that money is sitting around in a no-interest checking account.

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