Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Networth Update

I have some very happy news to report! After one month of work, getting my sign-on bonus, and starting to pay into the company 401(k), my networth is showing significant improvement from last month's update.

There has been a positive improvement of 0.72% toward my goal of $1 million.

My new networth is -$22,727.03 or a difference of $7,215.20. This makes me -2.27% of the way to my goal. Although a great improvement, it will be difficult to continue at this pace next month, as a majority of the improvement stems from my sign-on bonus.

Two new assets have been added on to my networth sheet, my car and my 401(k). The car was depreciated by $407 this month and my 401(k) started with a balance of $58.32. I know I promised to have a Roth IRA going this month, but I have yet the time to setup a Roth IRA account.

No question, by next month, the account will be ready to go.

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