Monday, July 23, 2007


Finally, things have settled down for me. I'm fully moved into my apartment, I have furniture, I have cable, and work hasn't been as hectic since quarter close.

Since then, I know I've skipped a lot of opportunities to blog, and I really need to get back into the swing things.

One of the biggest financial differences (other than paying rent) I have noticed is that I am spending way too much on food. I never really tried to quantify how much it costs to buy and cook food, but considering by typical $10 lunches and $15 dinners, that's adding up way past what I had originally budgeted for food, $400 a month.

I have to seriously reconsider by eating habits, and definitely start cooking for myself again. Although back in grad school, I did cook for myself, my time constraints were a bit different. For one, I wasn't actually exhausted at the end of the day. Second, I didn't have to worry about having enough time to both cook and eat.

This increased expense has me worried. For now, I tell myself it's a temporary increase in expenses, but I need to start clamping down on that by next week.

Also, it's getting to the end of the month, ever closer to updating my networth, and frankly, I'm a bit scared to do it.


Dennis said...

microwaveable food, its a life saver!

Teeny said...

I use my crock pot every once in awhile, but mostly I swear by salads and soups, easy to make and you can pretty much throw anything in them.