Monday, July 9, 2007

Rising Costs of Living

As I prepare to move out, I realized that I have a large chunk of fixed costs involved in moving into my apartment. I currently don't own any furniture, or even a bed, so I have to go out and buy a mattress, bed frame, and matching bedroom furniture. I'm also going to need a desk.

Here is what I'm thinking of spending:

Mattress - $400, I want to get a nice one. Probably the most important purchase
Bed Frame - $250
Nightstand - $40
Dresser and Mirror - $250
Desk - $125

All told, that's about $1100, on top of which I have to pay first month rent and two months security deposit. Theses big cash outs almost empties my bank account until my next paycheck.

I think it's an ironic twist that with all the education and pay I'm receiving, I'll still be living paycheck to paycheck. Of course, things will improve next month, since I'd obviously won't need to buy furniture or pay security deposits again.


Dennis said...

I grabbed a 0% interest credit card and asked for a credit increase. I then used the money to buy everything I needed for my apartment. Most of my furniture came from IKEA (big pain in the ass).

I figure this stuff should last me a few years before I take the next steps in my life.

Finance Guy said...

Dennis, you make a good point. I would have done this as well, but first I asked my parents for a $5K loan for this purpose. I figured it was a better investment for my parents and an simpler time for me.

I am paying them a flat 6% at the end of one year.