Monday, July 30, 2007

Stocks on my mind

After a week of tumbling stocks last week, and a huge gain for the market today, I think its a good time to recommend to the world the stocks I've been thinking about.

Typically, my top 3 choices are Apple (APPL), Google (GOOG), and Exxon Mobile (XOM). This week it's no different.

Why do I pick these 3 stocks consistently when I talk to my family and friends? Because these three company continue to amaze me.

And this week especially, I recommend these stocks because two of the three (Google and Exxon) missed earnings expectations, making them especially juicy buys after the initial dip in their stock prices.

Let's start with Apple. With all the hype of iPhone, and the continued success of the iPod, it shouldn't be hard to see the media attention Apple gets. But, with initial reports that the iPhone sales were below analyst expectations, the market was worried, until they heard about the "sweet deal" AT&T gave Apple (story here). AT&T is not only subsidizing the cost of the iPhone, but Apple is picking up monthly residuals on each subscriber, each $9 a month per user. Apple may be an one-product company now, but when that product is so huge, it doesn't really matter.

Speaking of one-product companies, Google is another one of those technological wonders that has succeeded off the back of one good product, their search engine. However, they too felt a huge hit to their stock price when their quarterly reports missed analysts expectations. But the stock has been creeping back slowly. Why? Because a further analysis of the 10 cent miss, and according to their CEO Eric Schmidt (story here), shows that a majority of the miss is attributable to a 10% increase in headcount and a shoring up of their accounting procedures. For a large stable company, such a hiring bonanza is cause for worry, but for a growth company, such an increase is akin to buying a larger factory or any other asset. Sure it costs money now, but eventually, they'll figure out how to turn that expense into profit.

On to Exxon Mobil. I don't need too much of an explanation. With continued high profits and soaring crude oil prices, who wouldn't think a gas company is a great (long-term) buy?

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