Monday, April 9, 2007

Of Blogging and Commenting

As I approach a two month anniversary of blogging, I wanted to take time to comment on my audience and a site that has really helped me grow.

First, to my audience, the ones who regularly read this, thanks! The ego boost helps me get through the rough days where I would rather eat bricks than to blog after work. To the detractors and critics, you guys helped provide a great way for me to refine my blogging technique, and also helped blossom some blog posts.

My audience has grown from just me and a few friends reading, to a good rotation of about 25-35 readers on a daily basis. While I no longer blog on a daily basis, this readership stays this level day to day, for which I am both astonished and grateful.

Along the way, one blogger specifically really helped me get off the ground: Stephanie at Poorer Than You. She was the first long-time PF blogger to read my site, and allow for a link exchange. Over the last two months, her interesting posts have led to many comments by me, which has also helped build an audience for me. For this, I am thankful to her, and I hope she continues to allow me to comment there.

Finally, a recent comment there is something I want to reference, because it is something that more people should think about. What is the best way to pay down debt? Click here for her post, and read down to see mine and many other's opinions.


Zachary said...

Yeah the comments keep me motivated to blog, too. I cannot let my public down!!!!

Stephanie said...

Aw, thanks hun! I enjoy helping people get their feet wet! And please, keep on commenting - I'll try and pop by here a bit more and drop a few of my own!

Juan Millon said...

Stephanie is wonderful isnt she?