Thursday, April 5, 2007

Networth Update

Today was my mom's birthday, so I had little time to do extensive research on the depreciation schedule on a 350Z. However, since I will not be paying for the 350Z for another month, I figured it was a good time to do a networth update.

Again, I'm still doing a little worse (about 0.05% worse) than when I updated my networth last month.

In following the format of other PF bloggers, I have decided to give you a snapshot of my Excel sheet. However, I have removed the names of my credit card companies so that no identity theft can occur.

Of note is of course my new networth of -$29,942.23 or a difference of $432.71. This makes be -2.99% to my goal. However, consider that this is actually pretty good, since the month to month change is only about $100 more than last month, but I spent a lot of money this month buying clothing and other work related expenses.

My next update you can expect my bank account to be higher, as 2 paychecks plus by sign-on bonus will hit. Also, my Roth IRA and 401(k) values will be reflected, as well as my car and its related loan.

My hope? Next after all the craziness, I might be able to see my total goal percentage reverse toward positive, although I don't expect to be above zero for the next 5 months.

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