Monday, April 23, 2007

Vegas Results

Vegas was a blast, but unfortunately, I still had to return to the grind of office life. Maybe next time, I can spin the wheel and get a $1 million, but until then, I'm still a tool of corporate America.

Now, upon returning home, I had an interesting comment from a poster, who wrote:

"Maybe you can live in your $40,000 car!

Sorry, but if you own a 40k BMW and still live with your parents, your priorities need readjusting..."
I wrote a quick reply, and I just wanted to reiterate, moving out is on the top of my priorities. However, buying/renting an apartment is a much harder choice than getting a car. Consider even though the car was $40K, an apartment is $250K.

With a 6 times price difference, a reasonable person would think it would require 6 times as much research and thinking. It took me 3 weeks to get a car. How long do you think it would take to properly research an apartment?

This sort of comment is both welcome, but also annoying because it is clear that someone is just angry at life and wanted to blow off some steam. While I have thick skin, all I ask is that anyone who wants to post should at least read the post that they comment in.


Your friend Paul said...

You are missing the point. A $40k car is not a necessity. A place to live is.
I just find it slightly hypocritical that you say you want 1 million in net worth, yet you have NEGATIVE net worth and make ridiculous purchases that undermine your own self-proclaimed goals. Be smarter than that.

You should not be allowed to call this thing a "personal finance blog". You offer no beneficial advice to others and are the poster boy for what not to do. I am embarrassed for you.

Good luck, brother. You have a lot to learn.

Finance Guy said...

While I do understand your point more now, please refer to this post for my thoughts on debt versus saving: