Wednesday, April 4, 2007

350Z discounted $100

Its been two days since I posted last, and not for a lack of things to post. Plenty of financial issues (mostly car-related) have been decided recently. I just haven't been posting because a combination of long hours at work, and sheer tiredness has prevented it. (See post where I discussed I wouldn't blog while tired, or with cold meds, again.)

Well, since my last post about getting my 350Z, I still haven't gotten my car. My sales guy said that the car I wanted kept getting sold immediately after coming off the truck, so I gave up and told him to factory order it. Of course, in order to ensure this wasn't his plan the whole time, I made him give me a $100 discount. He stubbornly agreed, and so it's going to be another 30 days until I get my car.

At least I'm building some sort of equity into my car...

In the mean time, I have to come up with a way to accurately reflect my car into my networth. While I know the price I paid, that will only be reflected accurately on the liability side. On the asset side, I have to consider resale value and/or depreciation/amortization schedules.

ie. Once it's off the lot, its immediately worth 10% less. How much does it continue to devalue after that, and for how long?

I'll try to make this answer the topic of my next post.

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New2TheRatRace said...

The 350z is a sweet car. I recently bought an Acura TL a few months ago and sadly...its already gone down in value over $1000 (from KBB). We're young though, so we have to enjoy our youth! :-D