Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Work and Life

The two has not been mixing well recently. Everything from dealing with bills to getting exercise has given way to work and recovering from work. This week has been especially annoying, as I realized earlier in the week that my Chase ATM card was not responding to my pin number.

This wouldn't be as annoying if I didn't have to have cash for both lunch and this weekend in Vegas. The cafeteria at work doesn't allow credit card charges of less than $5, and so there was a day that I tried to charge a Snapple and I had to put it back.

Anyway, I snuck out of work after another 3 hour meeting to get my pin number changed at the nearest Chase. They were closing up, and bank tellers can't do that for you so I had to wait for a more senior member of the staff to do it. In all, it took about 20 minutes from walk-in to walk-out, which wouldn't have been too bad, except that there were 3 tellers, 4 senior managers, and two people waiting in front of me. You would think that they could have worked faster?

Unfortunately, consumer banking isn't much better at Chase's rival Citibank. I went to them last weekend to get a cashier check to buy my car, and it took the teller about 20 minutes because she wasn't sure about the procedure. Mind you, that time, I was the only person in line, but by the time I walked out, the line stretched out the door.

Anyway, now I'm looking for a bank that tailors to my after business hour needs. Are there any?

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