Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Future Plans

Yesterday, I was blogging about my career thoughts, and today I continue that topic. Many have been commenting about my lack of job experience and how a) I even got into a MBA school and b) why I went.

For me, the MBA seemed like an obvious choice. I wanted the liberal arts experience while studying economics and computer science, and then obtain a professional degree, ensuring I learned everything I could while I was still capable.

In the past two decades, most college graduates entered the work force for at least two years prior to going back, realizing they needed an advanced degree to both advance on the career path or to choose a totally different one. But before that, college straight to MBA was the norm. Waiting seemed odd, so maybe I'm just old fashioned!

Anyway, I've known since I found out it existed that I've wanted to be in asset management. But in order to get there, I need a lot of finance experience, and especially a stint in i-banking. My lack of experience prevented me from obtaining any associate-level job in an i-bank, so I went with corporate finance instead.

I figure, two years there, I can switch to a comparable senior associate-level work at an i-bank. In between, I have been talking with everyone about my interests and my market thoughts (including posting here). My parents recently presented me with an interesting

$20K to invest in anyway I see fit, of which $10K is their money and $10K is technically a loan to me. We would split any profits/losses.

I think this could be a great opportunity to start my own track record, while feeling responsible about a "client's" money. At the same time, its always tough to accept money from the parents, in whatever form it comes.

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