Sunday, June 10, 2007

Graduation Over!

I just got in a few hours ago, and boy was a few days away exactly what I needed! I got some good R&R time catching up with friends, hanging out at bars, and getting sunburned at the amusement park (not to mention the fun screaming that goes with roller coasters).

But all of that does not compare with having your friends and family watch you go across the stage, and be given a Masters in Business Administration hood and listen to alumni speak of where their degree has lead them.

This time has also led me to a renewed sense of organization and drive for better personal accountability, especially as it pertains to my finances. I have finally written down all my current open credit cards, bank accounts, and brokerages, consolidated that information all into one Excel workbook, and password-protected it so that I have a reference everyday as to my fiduciary situation.

On another bright note, I had expected my expenses to be well over $500 for this event, but I ended up spending no more that $440!

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