Sunday, June 24, 2007

Moving out, pt. 2

In my last post about moving out, I was still debating the merits of moving out, while actively checking out possible roommate situations. I had an "interview"-type meeting with a potential roommate this weekend, and I was told today that there were 3 other people looking at the apartment, and that he had chosen someone he knew better.

Frankly, that is good for me, because although I know I want to move out, I didn't think the situation was the best for me. I now know that I'm looking for a community where people are closer to my age, rather than the late 20s and early 30s crowd. Also, my potential roommate was the stereotypical bachelor, with similar cleanliness ideas, while I am much more of a neat freak.

Anyway, my search continues. I have been told there is someone seeking a roommate in one of the younger upscale communities so I will be pursing that the rest of this week.

My target is still to be moved out by end of July. Now I just need to buy a bed and other bedroom furniture.

That's a budgeting nightmare in and of itself...


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