Saturday, June 30, 2007

Networth Update

It's that time again to check out where I am in life, and just exactly how much closer I am to my million dollar goal.

As always, I've checked out my networth sheet twice, and I still don't like how far away I am.

Compared to last month's networth update, I have made a 0.13% improvement toward my goal, increasing by networth by about $1,400. This decreased change can be blamed on increasing consumption last month with a student loan consolidation that increased my outstanding loans about about $500, because my new lender over paid my old lender. This problem should be resolved by next month.

My new networth -$19,076.48, making me -1.91% on the way to my goal.


Dennis said...

Thats an expensive car! Are you have maintenance issues with it that can impact your net worth?

Finance Guy said...

I think the question is, are there maintenance issues?

BMWs come with full 4-year free maintenance and upkeep, except for new tires.

All other aspects, oil changes, brake issues, etc are covered by the warranty.

Anonymous said...

You carry $260 on you? What time do you leave work again?

Finance Guy said...

Ever paid for gas? That's like $50 immediately. And then you add movie tickets and one meal, and that's like 70% of the cash. It's crazy.

Question the environment we live in, not my sanity.

Anonymous said...

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