Monday, June 4, 2007

More Market Thoughts

Today at work, my boss asked me about my opinion on the stock market. My response? I am as bullish as ever. Looking at the main economic indicators, very little leads me to worry other than rising oil costs. Unemployment rates, corporate spending, and inflation are all at a good places. Oil costs can have a hit to the bottom line throughout the year, but more especially for companies who depend heavily on transportation.

Moving to the stock front, I am still in love with Google (GOOG). As they continue their strategic acquisitions, it ensures that even as a ever enlarging entity, they are still staying on the forefront of 'net technologies. Their large cash base and intellectual capital combine to be a force capable of anything.

Housing still worries me personally, as I see the market starting to bottom out. At the same time, I am torn between buying in now to ride it up, or wait it out and see how low it can go.

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